[slide-right]Hi there! My name is Jenai Charles. I am an author, content creator, web designer and storyteller. Blending my love for words, design and imagery, I create stories rooted in self-care, love, vulnerability and power. I have a strong eye for design that I weave into my brand’s aesthetic.[/slide-right]

[slide-right]As an Author[/slide-right]

[slide-right]My writing is infused with life lessons on self-care, healing, intentional living and empowerment. My books, Unfolding, a poetry book on self-care, loss, healing and self celebration , and Blossom, A self-care journal are available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.[/slide-right]

I love writing about my personal experiences and how they led to where I am today. I believe that I can design the life that I truly want by staying true to who I am. I am constantly unfolding and evolving and I embrace that. I take all of the lessons that life has to offer because I know they’re only leading me to where I am supposed to go.
Jenai Charles

[fade]As a web Designer & content creator[/fade]

[slide-right]I use my visual design skills to help creatives/artists of all kinds and small businesses achieve their perfect online space. For my website design work, I mainly focus on small businesses and creatives whose budgets aren’t in the tens of thousands but I am always open to any person or business/brand whose work is in my niche. I make my work affordable so that everyone can have an online space of their own. [/slide-right]

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[slide-right]I am the founder and previous co-host of the Yas Girl Podcast, a podcast where women are in open and honest conversation with each other. It is a space to share, laugh and come together. I started the podcast on my University campus because I love connecting with people and sharing their stories with the world.

As the Digital Content Manager of The Core Magazine, I co-created Issue 6 of the magazine with interviews featuring Shelby Ivy Christie,L’Oréal Media Manager, Skylar Marshai of Buzzfeed and owner of As You Are Intimates, and Dominique Drakeford, Ethical Fashion Influencer & Consultant. And, I am just getting started!

I am also obsessed with tea, the beach, skin-care products and gluten-free foods.[/slide-right]

[fade]SHORT BIO[/fade]

Jenai grew up on the small island of Antigua before moving to the United States to pursue a career in tennis. However, her plans changed when she began college and her focus shifted to other things. Even though she doesn’t play anymore, her love for the sport has not changed. She currently lives in Florida and holds a bachelor’s degree in Communication with a concentration in Public Relations.

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