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[fade]I am a google-analytics certified web designer and digital content strategist with a focus on brand-storytelling, digital marketing and creative writing. I focus on creating online spaces for creative entrepreneurs (filmmakers, writers, content creators, photographers, artists, etc…) and small businesses. From visual web design to PR strategy, I will collaborate with you to create your brand identity and story that is an authentic representation of who you are.

I create relevant and marketable content across multiple multimedia platforms that is aligned with your brand and target audience. My job is to get to know you and your brand so I can provide the best service that is tailored to your needs. I specialize in creating amazing digital content to expand my client's social and digital media presence. Whether its writing speeches, creating social media strategy or web design layout, I produce quality work that is designed to optimize press value, social media engagement, branding and ROI. My overall goal is always to create something that my clients truly love. So, if you are looking for an affordable Squarespace designer or digital content strategist who will work to make sure your needs are met, you’ve found your girl! [/fade]


[fade]Social Media [/fade]

Black Social Media Strategist For Small Businesses and Creatives

[slide-right]What Do You Get?[/slide-right]

  • [slide-right] Social Media Account Set-Up and Design (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest)[/slide-right]

  • [slide-right] Social Media Brand Strategy[/slide-right]

  • [slide-right] Social Media Management[/slide-right]

  • [slide-right] Social Media Marketing/Advertising[/slide-right]

  • [slide-right] Social Media Analytics[/slide-right]


[fade]Website Design[/fade]

[slide-right]What Do You Get?[/slide-right]

  • [slide-right]60- minute website vision call[/slide-right]

  • [slide-right]Integration of social media channels[/slide-right]

  • [slide-right]Custom pages (Additional charges for extra pages)[/slide-right]

  • [slide-right]Custom CSS[/slide-right]

  • [slide-right]Content share buttons (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc…)[/slide-right]

  • [slide-right]SEO Implementation[/slide-right]

  • [slide-right]Google Analytics[/slide-right]

  • [slide-right]Social Media Icons[/slide-right]

  • [slide-right]Custom favicon icons[/slide-right]

  • [slide-right]Mobile and tablet responsive site[/slide-right]

  • [slide-right]Pop-Up/Subscription Page[/slide-right]

  • [slide-right]Email Marketing Integration[/slide-right]

  • [slide-right]Custom Mood-board, color palette and typography selection[/slide-right]


[fade]Digital Content & Branding[/fade]


[slide-right]Branding Kit[/slide-right]


[slide-right]What Do You Get?[/slide-right]

  • [slide-right]Custom Mood-board[/slide-right]

  • [slide-right]Color palette selection[/slide-right]

  • [slide-right]Typography (Primary Font, Secondary Font, Body Font)[/slide-right]

  • [slide-right]Brand Summary + Story[/slide-right]

  • [slide-right]Contact Information[/slide-right]

  • [slide-right]Simple icons[/slide-right]

  • [slide-right]Stationary + Business Cards Design[/slide-right]


[slide-right]Digital media kit[/slide-right]


[slide-right]What Do You Get?[/slide-right]

  • [slide-right]2 Design concepts[/slide-right]

  • [slide-right]About your brand/business[/slide-right]

  • [slide-right]Audience Description[/slide-right]

  • [slide-right]Website Analytics/Stats[/slide-right]

  • [slide-right]Social Media Stats[/slide-right]

  • [slide-right]Previous and Current partnerships[/slide-right]

  • [slide-right]Contact Information[/slide-right]

  • [slide-right]Client Testimonials[/slide-right]


[slide-right]Press Kits[/slide-right]


[slide-right]What Do You Get?[/slide-right]

  • [slide-right]2 design concepts

  • News/Press Releases

  • Media Advisories

  • Fact Sheets

  • Mission Statements

  • Case Studies

  • Noteworthy Press Coverage[/slide-right]


[fade]Writing and PR[/fade]

Affordable Public Relations Professional, black blogger, copywriter. I write newsletters, news releases, media advisories for social media influencers, creatives and small businesses.

[slide-right]What Do You Get?[/slide-right]

  • [slide-right]Blog Content Creation[/slide-right]

  • [slide-right]Public Relations Content Creation and Strategy[/slide-right]

  • [slide-right]Newsletters[/slide-right]

  • [slide-right]Copywriting[/slide-right]

  • [slide-right]Speeches[/slide-right]

  • [slide-right]Poems for special occasions[/slide-right]

  • [slide-right]E-book/Print-book/Workbook Content Creation[/slide-right]


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