A New Story- A Workbook

A New Story- A Workbook

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So many of us carry around old baggage, unable to let it go because it is all we know. We all deserve to be loved, valued and live a life filled with joy, peace and success, no matter what has happened in our past, but first, we must believe that we are deserving of these things. This workbook was created to help you let go of the hurt, heal and step forward into a new life.

I created this workbook to empower others to take their power back and to live a life free of bitterness and anger and filled with authenticity, honesty, love and accountability. It is about releasing the old stories and telling new ones. It’s time to turn the page in your book and write a new chapter.

*This is a digital workbook. The link to download will be sent to your email upon purchasing the workbook.

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